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Liabilities of Contractors and Construction Companies

Kansas City Construction Site Injury Lawyers

Premises liability is an area of law that establishes the responsibilities of landowners and property occupiers. Property owners and occupiers who fail to meet their duty of care under premises liability law may be liable for damages that arise out of their breach of duty.

The duties under premises liability law are typically placed on the person or entity that has possession of the land, which is why a landowner's duty of care is different during construction periods. If a landowner relinquished control of the premises to a contractor or construction company, then the brunt of responsibility for construction site injuries falls on the contractor.

When Is a Missouri Landowner Liable for a Contractor's Negligence?

A Missouri landowner may be liable for construction site or contractor-caused injuries that involve "inherently dangerous activities." An employee of a contractor may be able to hold a landowner responsible for his or her injuries if:

  • The performance of the construction contract involves an inherently dangerous activity that is reasonably necessary to the performance of the contract.
  • The property owner or occupier negligently failed to take adequate safety precautions to avoid the damage caused by the inherently dangerous activity.
  • The plaintiff's injury or damages are a direct result of this negligence.
  • The plaintiff's injuries are not covered by workers' compensation insurance.

There are several nuances and exceptions to this general principle such as the intervening negligence of a contractor. The attorneys at the Independence, Missouri, law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., are experienced in premises liability and personal injury litigation and thoroughly investigate each case to determine which parties may be liable for a client's injuries.

Kansas City Construction Site Injury Law Firm

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., is the largest personal injury litigation firm in the Kansas City area. We have a national reputation for obtaining large settlements and verdicts for our clients in a variety of premises liability and general personal injury cases.

To speak with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, contact Humphrey Farrington online or call 888-353-0491. Our initial consultations are always free and we do not charge litigation fees unless you win.

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Liabilities of Contractors and Construction Companies

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