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What Is Nursing Home Negligence?

If Something Does Not Seem Right, It Probably Is Not Right

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain is recognized as one of the nation's prominent personal injury law firms. For more than a quarter-century, we have provided intelligent, effective legal representation for clients who come to us with concerns about harm that has come to their loved ones in a nursing home.

Nursing homes are required to follow specific regulations regarding physical and emotional care of residents. If you suspect that something is not right about the level of care your elderly or infirm loved one is receiving in a nursing home, talk to an experienced nursing home negligence litigation attorney.

Our trial attorneys have a long history of obtaining large verdicts and settlements in complex cases involving owner liability, staff negligence and resident abuse. Let Humphrey, Farrington & McClain use our experience to protect your loved one's rights.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Negligence?

  • Medical treatment: Nursing home staff members are required to monitor the medical needs of every resident and treat conditions according to residents' prescribed treatment and medication plans. In addition, staff members are required to report concerns about a patient's medical condition or the onset of an illness. Failure to monitor and treat a resident appropriately may be considered negligence.
  • Nutrition: Residents typically register a dietary plan when they enter a nursing home. Failure to follow the plan or any incidence of malnutrition or dehydration may be considered negligence on the part of staff.
  • Sanitary conditions: Bedsores and other types of pressure ulcers are a common concern for residents who remain bedridden much of their day. Failure to change sheets and tend to the sanitary care of residents is a breach of responsibility.
  • Injuries from falls: As people age, bones become brittle and break easily. Taking any kind of fall or hard bump may readily lead to a broken hip, leg or other fracture. Nursing homes have a responsibility to ensure that fragile residents are supervised when moving about and have necessary support to prevent a serious fall.
  • Assault: Physical and sexual assault by staff and residents is one of the most common issues of negligence and abuse at nursing homes. Frustrated staff members often forget they are dealing with a fragile body and that pushing, pulling or shoving a resident constitutes assault. Elderly residents often get frustrated with their living conditions and act out aggressively against other residents during an argument or altercation. Staff members have a legal responsibility to supervise staff and residents to prevent physical abuse.
  • Wandering off, elopement: Nursing home residents with Alzheimer's or dementia become easily confused and wander off the grounds, often in an effort to return to their family and home. Staff members are responsible for supervising all residents and preventing elopement.
  • Mental and emotional abuse: Nursing home administrators must never forget that they are caring for vulnerable human beings who deserve respect from staff members, residents and guests. Yelling, threats and scare tactics to modify or control behavior are abusive.

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