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Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Injury Lawyer

Nursing Home Residents Deserve Respect and Dignity

When an elderly or infirm person moves into a nursing home, it does not mean that his or her life has come to an end. Residents should be treated with the respect and dignity they have earned after a lifetime of contributing to our society. Unfortunately, many nursing homes hire unqualified staff and do not train them properly on how to handle confusing circumstances without resorting to yelling and verbal abuse.

Nursing homes are required to pursue policies that support the dignity of their residents. If your loved one is beginning to complain of emotional abuse or disrespect or is exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal or fear around staff members or other residents, it is possible that he or she is the victim of mental or emotional abuse.

Nobody wants to sue a nursing home, but sometimes, a large settlement or jury award is the only way to make owners and managers end illegal practices that hurt vulnerable residents. We hold negligent managers and staff accountable for their responsibilities.

Contact Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

At the first sign of possible nursing home negligence or abuse, talk to an attorney at the personal injury law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain in Independence, Missouri.

We have extensive experience representing victims of nursing home injury cases relating to negligent care and treatment, including:

  • Emotional abuse, mental distress
  • Withholding food and drink
  • Excluding residents from social activities
  • Withholding or improperly administering prescription medicine
  • Confining residents to their rooms or beds, bedsores
  • Restraining residents illegally
  • Allowing residents to wander off without supervision

Our attorneys have protected the rights of victims of negligence and misconduct for more than a quarter-century. We are proud of our record of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in awards and settlements on behalf of our clients.

Arrange a free consultation by calling us at 888-353-0491 or contacting us online. We represent nursing home abuse victims throughout the Kansas City area, including Lee's Summit, Overland Park and Blue Springs.

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