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Kansas City Group Home Negligence Attorneys

There Is No Excuse for Abuse in a Group Home

People living in a group home setting have been assigned there because of their special needs and for physical and emotional support. Residents are usually unable to understand what is happening during a physical attack by another resident or when an injury happens because of negligence on the part of a trusted staff member.

At Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, we believe that residents of group homes and other institutional care facilities are entitled to the full rights and privileges the rest of us enjoy.

We represent clients and their families in all group home abuse and negligence claims, including:

Kansas City Group Home Injury Lawyers

When a family comes to us about an injury to their son, daughter or another loved one, we take the claim seriously and investigate the incident thoroughly.

It is up to law firms like ours to fight hard to protect and preserve victims' rights. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit to recover significant money damages in court or in an insurance settlement is often the only way to make the abuse and negligence stop.

Our clients are typically the parents or legal guardians of an adult child placed in the care of a group home for the emotionally or physically challenged. Very few of our clients want to file a lawsuit. They come to us frustrated and upset about the injuries and reports of abuse, but do not know where to turn for help.

Naturally, the group home manager has usually denied the severity of the incident or blames the victim. After all, insurance companies and their clients do not stay in business by offering fair settlements. Unfortunately, that is why we need the courts.

Contact Our Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Since 1984, our trial attorneys have prepared personal injury cases from a single perspective: If it was not for the other party's negligence, nobody would have to go to court.

By filing a lawsuit and winning significant settlements and jury verdicts, we use the courts to uphold safety regulations for nursing homes. This is often the only way to change behavior.

Speak with one of our attorneys by contacting us online or calling 888-353-0491. The attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain handle cases throughout the Kansas City metro area, including Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Blue Springs and Lenexa.

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