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Common Types of Products Liability Cases

Injuries from any product can form the basis of a product liability lawsuit, but some products are more frequently the subject of litigation than others. Typically a manufacturer can be held liable when a product is defective due to failures in design, manufacturing or warnings. Sellers and distributors of dangerous products may also face liability in some cases.

Product liability lawsuits can be litigated as individual claims or as class action lawsuits. Class action claims are appropriate when multiple individuals are injured by the same type of product and the litigation would be more efficient if all of the cases are consolidated.

The attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., have been nationally recognized for obtaining large settlements and verdicts in a variety of product liability cases resulting from the following types of products:

Dangerous Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

There are many types of dangerous chemicals and materials routinely used in a broad array of industrial and consumer products. Some types of chemical exposure lead to the rapid development of severe symptoms, whereas it may take decades to develop harmful cancers and lung diseases after exposure to other substances such as beryllium and asbestos.

Defective Children's Products

Children are among the most vulnerable individuals to suffer from product injuries. Many children are injured or killed every year by defective toys and other products that manufacturers market to parents. Defective children's products can include food, unsafe bedding, defective child car seats, toys that create choking hazards and hazardous substance exposure such as lead poisoning.

Unsafe Industrial and Agricultural Equipment

Modern manufacturing and agricultural operations use increasingly sophisticated heavy machinery that can be dangerous when it fails or contains improper labeling. Common equipment failures include crane collapses, conveyor accidents and sweep auger injuries.

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical companies often make billions of dollars from drugs that have serious undisclosed side effects. Some drugmakers even market drugs for unapproved uses despite the presence of serious risks to consumers. When a patient is harmed by a defective pharmaceutical, the drugmakers, pharmacies and physicians involved may all share some level of liability.

Like defective drugs, many medical devices are pushed onto the market with inadequate testing. Medical device manufacturers often rush new devices to consumers while downplaying the fact that the risks associated with these state-of-the-art devices outweigh the benefits.

Kansas City Product Liability Lawyers

The product liability lawyers at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., have obtained more than $1 billion in compensation on behalf of our clients. We have the experience and resources necessary to stick with a case to trial and routinely obtain some of the largest verdicts in the country. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact us online or call 888-353-0491.

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