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Kansas City Surgery Malpractice Attorney

A Slip of a Surgical Instrument Can Mean a Lifetime of Injury

The medical profession holds surgeons to a high standard because there can be no negligence or recklessness in the operating room. A slip of a scalpel can mean a lifetime of pain, disfigurement or even death. Surgeons are among the most respected professionals in our society. Surgeons undergo many years of education and specialized training to ensure their skills are updated.

The law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain has extensive experience in all areas relating to medical malpractice and surgical errors such as wrong-site surgeries. Obtaining a fair settlement or a substantial jury verdict in a medical negligence case requires significant financial resources to pay the costs of investigating the causes and effects of the negligence. Typically, prosecuting a medical malpractice case requires calling upon the expertise of medical professionals and life-care specialists.

During your free consultation about your surgical error case, we will explain your rights and give you an honest evaluation of your case. If we are right for each other, you will have one of the nation's most recognized litigation firms fighting on your side.

Kansas City Surgical Malpractice Lawyers

Our firm will cover the initial costs of investigating, preparing and bringing your case for negotiations and, when necessary, trial. Our Kansas City surgeon malpractice lawyers have access to the full resources you need. We will not back down when confronted with the high cost of litigation, and we will not urge you to accept unfair settlement offers that do not fully compensate you for your loss. Do not be misled by law firms that are not fully committed to protecting your rights.

Our experience extends to all litigation relating to medical negligence and surgical errors, including:

From our offices in Independence, Missouri, our lawyers represent clients in medical negligence and surgical error lawsuits in courts throughout Missouri, Kansas and the United States. Contact us online or call 888-353-0491 to arrange a free consultation.

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http://www.hfmlegal.org At Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, we handle a wide variety of medical malpractice cases, from surgical injury cases, failure to diagnose cases, prescription medication cases, birth injury cases. 888) 353-0491

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