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The Role of Lead or Named Plaintiff in a Class Action

A class action often starts when an individual has been harmed by a product or the wrongdoing of a large corporation. When that individual has claims that are representative of a larger group of people, a class action can be certified and the individual who filed the lawsuit is often named as the lead plaintiff.

Who Can Be a Class Action Lead Plaintiff?

Any class action member can be named as a lead plaintiff, but it is essential that the lead plaintiff's claims and injuries are representative of the class action members. It is also important that a lead plaintiff is prepared to put forth a significant amount of time and effort for a case.

Although not required, often the best lead plaintiff is the individual who has the greatest financial interest in the class action or has experienced the greatest damage.

Duties of a lead plaintiff include:

• Attending pretrial conferences

• Representing the interests of the entire class

• Working with the class action attorneys to direct the progress of the class action

• Preparing for and attending court dates and conferences

The active role that the lead plaintiff plays in a class action is often compensated through an "incentive award."

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