More details have recently emerged in connection with the Blue Springs sexual abuse cases that we discussed in our last post.

According to a story recently published in the Kansas City Star, Blue Springs physician Joseph T. Mackey stands accused of using his position as a medical doctor and local Boy Scout Troop Leader to molest 3 teenage boys.

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On August 13, Dr. Mackey will go before the Board of Healing Arts for a hearing to determine whether his license to practice medicine should be suspended. The hearing was ordered based on complaints from three young men who claim that Dr. Mackey abused his position as a physician, Boy Scout Troop Leader and team doctor for the Blue Springs School District to coerce the victims, then young boys, into inappropriate sexual encounters disguised as "medical exams" which included watching the boys masturbate, collecting semen samples and fondling and measuring the young boys' genitalia.

According to the Star, one of the boys, identified as Victim "J" provided an affidavit that claimed he was befriended by Dr. Mackey through the Boy Scouts when the boy was 11 years old. The boy considered Dr. Mackey to be a friend, mentor and physician. In fact, years later, Dr. Mackey later served as an usher at Victim J's wedding and Victim J was a groomsman in Dr. Mackey's wedding.

The Star story indicates that the relationship between Victim J and Dr. Mackey lasted for approximately 10 years. When J was approximately 14 years old, Dr. Mackey asked J to volunteer for a medical exam which Dr. Mackey claimed was part of his training with KU Medical Center. The alleged exam consisted of Dr. Mackey examining, touching and manipulating the young boy's scrotum and penis for approximately 30 minutes. However, the physician who oversaw KU's family residency program at the time has submitted an affidavit denying that any residents were required to recruit adolescent males for any such exam.

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Victim J's affidavit also included claims that in 2001 a mass was discovered on the young boy's scrotum. J's account included a chilling tail of Dr. Mackey placing his hands on J's genitals and asking him to ejaculate as part of his "treatment". According the Star, this occurred as many as five times over the course of several years.

Similar to other headline stories of sexual child abuse, Victim J also claimed that Dr. Mackey would often initiate sexual activity after providing the boys with alcohol and pornography. Two other men have provided affidavits detailing abuse they experienced as young boys at the hands of Dr. Mackey. These reports include claims that on several occasions Dr. Mackey took semen samples from them after watching them masturbate, measured the diameter of their testicles and the length and girth of their penis.

Dr. Mackey has denied all claims of impropriety. Regarding the semen samples, Mackey claimed that the semen samples were needed to measure sperm counts before prescribing Creatine supplements for the boys' athletic endeavors. According to the Star, however, a physician who reviewed the evidence as part of the state's investigation provided an affidavit stating that these exams were "completely inappropriate" and not backed by medical science.

If any of the allegations against Dr. Mackey prove to be true, losing his medical license is the least of his concerns. Other possible consequences could include a bevy of criminal charges as well as civil lawsuits wherein the verdicts could reach the high millions. Furthermore, Dr. Mackey's employers, practice group and hospital affiliations could face repercussions depending on where the alleged conduct occurred and what information was known by faculty, staff and/or administrators.

In addition, The Heart of America Council of the Boy Scouts could face potential liability as well. Officials claim to have severed ties with Dr. Mackey in 2011, around the same time Dr. Mackey resigned from the Blue Springs School District, however, reports indicate that the abuse occurred at Scout events over the course of numerous years before 2011.

Led by Ken McClain, a group of core litigators from Humphrey, Farrington and McClain have dedicated a significant portion of their practice over the years to fighting for children who have been victimized - physically, emotionally and sexually - by those in positions of power and influence.

  • In 2012, Danny Thomas, a shareholder with the firm, and Jonathan Soper successfully litigated an emotionally-charged case against the Blue Springs School District involving the suicide death of a 12 year old boy who endured years of persistent bullying at the school because of his learning disabilities and a speech impediment. The case led to the largest settlement against a school district for a case involving "bullycide" in the history of the country.
  • Humphrey, Farrington & McClain is also currently litigating other cases involving civil rights violations, bullying, physical and mental abuse, and sexual assaults on children:
  • In southwestern Missouri, a young boy was brutally bullied and sexually harassed in school and on the bus. Parents reported the ongoing abuse which was acknowledged yet ignored by school officials. Finally, at 14, the young boy took his own life as a result of the relentless bullying.
  • In Virginia, a young girl was sexually assaulted by her classmates who took a video of the incident and posted it on line. Reports indicated that the students had a history of such conduct yet they were allowed to remain in school.
  • In northwest Missouri, an African American student is racially harassed and discriminated against by a teacher and coach who had years of complaints leveled against her by angry parents.
  • In Florida, an autistic student is physically and verbally assaulted by a bus driver who forgets that there is a video camera recording the entire incident.
  • In southern Missouri, a student is severely beaten in a school bathroom by another student. The beating results in severe fractures to the child's face. After the incident, multiples parents come forward with multiple reports of bullying that have gone unaddressed by the school.
  • In Kansas, eleven former students of a prestigious military school allege a culture of physical and mental abuse permeated the student corps as a result of the school's inadequate admission and supervision practices.

All of these cases have one thing in common - the victims have been or are being represented by the attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain. Humphrey, Farrington & McClain understands the lasting effects this type of abuse has on children. We work closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, abuse counselors and other medical experts to ensure that these effects are properly addressed and explained to a jury if need be.

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain is also counsel of record for one of the victims in a tragic case arising out of the ongoing and repeated sexual abuse committed by Grain Valley elementary school teacher, Matthew Nelson. The significant prior knowledge of those in authority over Mr. Nelson, combined with their purposeful refusal to act, resulted in the abuse of more than ten (10) children over nearly a decade. Nelson has since pled guilty to 16 counts of child sexual abuse and is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence.

If you or a loved one has experienced sexual assault from someone who has abused a position of power, contact the attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain online or call 816-836-5050 for more information.