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Delivery Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Commercial Trucks Come in All Shapes

When people think of a commercial truck, most people think of a large 18-wheeler tractor-trailer. Nearly all commercial vehicles using our public roads to conduct business are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA). Violating any of the regulations for the truck's size and use means the owner can be held liable for injuries or death arising from an accident.

Nearly every industry relies on some type of commercial vehicle to deliver products or services. To drive a commercial truck, the driver must pass a class C license test and undergo regular training about road safety and laws. The FMCSA recognizes that in many ways, smaller vehicles have many of the same safety and maintenance concerns shared by the largest big rigs and flatbeds on our roads. In addition, delivery vans and smaller commercial trucks often operate in an urban environment, putting pedestrians at greater risk.

Delivery Van and Commercial Vehicle Accident Professionals

If you or a member of your family was injured because of negligence on the part of a driver of a delivery van or other type of commercial vehicle, seek legal help from one of the nation's prominent personal injury law firms.

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain is a nationally recognized law firm meeting the legal needs of people injured in truck and motor vehicle accidents across the country, including in Illinois, California, Texas and Florida.

Our attorneys offer skill, knowledge and experience handling cases involving commercial vehicles and FMCSA violations. We thoroughly investigate beneath the surface of the accident, to find every party who may be held liable for damages, including the driver, motor carrier, management and equipment manufacturers.

Nobody can touch our professional and financial resources. Our attorneys work every truck accident case on contingency. Clients do not pay attorneys fees unless we win money in a settlement or jury award. We offer the financial resources to keep fighting until we obtain the largest and fairest possible settlement or jury award.

We have experience in all types of injury and wrongful death claims involving commercial vans and delivery trucks, including:

  • Pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents
  • Delivery dock accidents
  • Violation of FMCSA load regulations
  • Violations of FMCSA maintenance requirements
  • Brake and steering failure, jackknife and rollover accidents.

The attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain are tenacious in pursuing our clients' truck accident cases. We have represented thousands of individuals in personal injury cases since 1984 and recovered over $1 billion in damages for our clients.

Nationwide Truck Accident Lawyers

Our success allows us to work on a contingency-fee basis and not charge our clients until they receive compensation for their injuries. This means that we can support our clients through the litigation process and empower them make informed decisions about their case.

To arrange a free consultation with one of our truck accident attorneys, contact us online or call 888-353-0491.

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